When I was first introduced to the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Perth it took me three times to get started. I constantly made excuses for not participating and would ignore any follow-up calls!


12 months later promoted to blue belt


This was an art I really wanted to learn and knew it was perfect for me. That said, taking the first step was difficult to do. Entering into a male-dominated sport for the first time, I had no idea what on earth I was thinking of! I knew this was going to daunting but an experience I was ready to embrace. When I finally booked my introductory class, I knew I made the right choice. Although the day after my first class I was in pain and just wanted to crawl home!

Since that day, I have never looked back, have no regrets, and I would never think about quitting. The benefits I have received from Brazilian jiu-jitsu are unparalleled! Not only have I felt more fit and confident but my entire body and mind are so much stronger. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a place for incredible peace and quiet away from the world of noises. Spending an hour or two clearing my mind and staying focused stays with me long after the class has ended.


Legion 13 Perth Martial Arts coaching staff are incredibly experienced in training people from all walks of life to become a team of warriors! Everyone has different stories but everyone has one common goal, to improve themselves both on and off the mat. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in, if you set your goal to always show up for class, you will discover everyone in the room has your back and what a great feeling that is!

Legion 13 Feels Like Home To Me!

My journey to my blue belt at Legion 13 Kalamunda in Perth has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to reach my goal has been worth every step. There is absolutely no place I would rather be!

I highly recommend Brazilian jiu-jitsu for every woman or man, no matter what shape you are in. You will be able to learn the skills to defend yourself against any opponent who is 20 to 30kgs heavier than you are. It is absolutely the most empowering feeling I have ever had and as a woman, I believe this is invaluable!

The only regret I ever had, I didn’t get involved in Brazilian jiu-jitsu sooner!

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