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Perth Martial Arts

Legion 13 Perth Hills is more than just a martial arts academy. Through our Martial Art classes, we provide the opportunity for people of all ages to develop not only skills in martial arts, but also confidence, fitness, discipline and more.
Even though we specialise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we realise the importance of being well-rounded in all aspects of martial arts. You will therefore meet many experienced people from different martial arts disciplines who have joined the legion 13 team here in Perth. It is an approach that gathers together the best of training disciplines and offers value for money. Sharing knowledge and expertise is fundamental to our ethos and you will find *specialised classes advertised on our Facebook page, in-class or via email.

The many benefits of studying martial arts are:

  • Self-defence - martial arts helps those who practise it protect themselves from assault and bullying whether at school or out on the streets.
  • Health and fitness - you'll develop endurance, strength and flexibility as a practitioner of martial arts.
  • Focus and concentration - martial arts is great for developing your focus and concentration because it's a holistic activity that exercises the body and mind at the same time.
  • Respect - regardless of which martial arts discipline you study, respect is a crucial element. It's an attribute that students can and do take into their everyday lives.
  • Self-confidence - as you build more skills and develop your fitness through martial arts, so too does your self-confidence improve.

Whether you're looking into martial arts training in Perth for yourself or for your child, make an enquiry with Legion 13 Perth Hills today by calling 0433 356 559 or contact us online

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