BJJ Kids- Persistence Pays Off..

One of secrets to being successful in anything you do is steadiness and persistence. When you have decided precisely what it is you want to achieve with all your heart and soul, you should make monstrous move on a consistent, persistence premise so as to succeed.

The worst things you’ll see on your voyage towards your objective, are roadblocks. That is, you will face the obstacles that appear to hop out all of a sudden trying to halt your progress. Face these obstacles and count on them. They are part of life. It is meant to be difficult but its worth it. Your job is to persistent and work through those impediments. If you find little or no obstacles along the way, odds are you are not by any means challenging yourself. And, when you do achieve your objective, you won’t encounter the sentiment ‘sweet achievement’. Make your objective a challenging one! And enjoy the sweetness of the success.

History is full of examples, who were failed at initial stages but with courage and persistency they touched their goals. Mark Zuk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc, all those great people achieved what they wanted with the help of persistency.

Just like the example set from our kids who participated in “2017 Western Australian BJJ Federation State Championship”. They failed in a smaller competition at initial stages throughout the year, but failure never wiped their courage. With “never give up” attitude they stood again and worked harder with persistence. They put efforts day by day and finally in the big competition they made their parents and teachers proud.

With persistence, anyone can do anything. It is just matter of time and hard work you put into it…

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