First name: Luke
Age: 39
Lives: Kalamunda
Occupation: I.T.

Luke has been training at Legion 13 Perth Hills (Kalamunda) for over, 2 years and usually makes it in for 3 sessions a week. He recently received his blue belt last month & his young daughter Cate has also, started training. Luke is best known around the gym, as the guy who is smiling on the inside….. 😀

 What brought you too Legion 13 & why Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu?

I’ve wanted to do jits for nearly 15 years after watching the first few UFCs on VHS. Found L13 through friends. Finally pulled the trigger and took advantage of a great value intro deal.

 How was your first ever class?

Like a fish out of water. Muscles I didn’t know I had, hurt.

 What has been the biggest benefit you have got from training?

Fitness and confidence

 How does it feel to be finally be in the coloured belts?
Knowing I must be doing something right. Happy with myself for sticking it out.

 Any advice for people just getting started or new to Jiu Jitsu?

Keep turning up. Tap early. Position over submission.


Luke took nearly 15 years to start. What holding you back?

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